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Embrace the digital revolution with our eCommerce Connect platform


All in one
solution to simplify

Manage your
accounting and stock

A simple
dashboard interface

This dynamic capability optimizes supply chain and sales, offering benefits like accurate inventory, swift orders, precise finances, data-driven insights, and quick responses to market and customer demands.
Our all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates a comprehensive suite of features into a centralized platform, streamlining operational processes, key performance indicators, resource management, decision-making, and workflow optimization.
Efficiently manage accounting and stock processes with our comprehensive platform. Experience a unified system enhancing accuracy, transparency, and control in both financial and stock operations.
Explore the user-friendly dashboard for streamlined access to diverse features. Monitor key performance indicators, track operational processes, and make informed decisions effortlessly within a visually appealing interface designed for ease of use.

SGEEDE eCommerce Connect can be effectively implemented

Online Retailers

Electronics companies can use SGEEDE MRP to streamline production, manage materials, and reduce waste


strict quality control and efficient production are critical, which SGEEDE MRP can help achieve.

Food and Beverage

assists in managing production, inventory, and distribution for food and beverage manufacturers.

Chemical Manufacturing

batch processing and regulatory compliance.

Textile and Apparel

managing fabric, production schedules, and inventory.

Metal Fabrication

optimize their processes with SGEEDE MRP, ensuring efficient use of resources.

Furniture Production

manage inventory, production schedules, and order fulfillment.

Industrial Machinery

precise scheduling and resource management, which SGEEDE MRP can provide

Automotive Manufacturing

planning and managing complex manufacturing processes, ensuring timely production of auto parts and vehicles.

All in One Software Solutions eCommerce Batam and eCommerce Singapore

Enhance operational efficiency and create a memorable shopping experience for your customers by leveraging SGEEDE's expertise. Elevate your online store into a robust sales powerhouse through our transformative solutions.


Connect Features

Embrace the digital revolution with our e-Commerce connect features.

SGEEDE EC can be effectively implemented

SGEEDE EC offers a range of features and benefits to help businesses streamline
their e-commerce operations and enhance efficiency.

Centralized E-commerce Hub

Sales and Order Management

Inventory Control

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Product Information Management

Scalable E-commerce Integration

Marketing and Promotions

Analytics and Reporting

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Testimonials & Trusted by

I am extremely satisfied with the work that SGEEDE did for us. They were very prompt with all their responses and made sure they were available throughout the entire project and beyond, offering support continuously. I will definitely use their services in the futures.

Jared - AP Systems Pty Ltd

We needed a simple solution for some processes in our ERP system. SGEEDE was not only quick to develop a module for our specialized needs, but they even helped remotely in the installation. Their job has proven its value - thats why we have entrusted them with some other development since then

Miko Peter -

I have used SGEEDE products and services. Their web solutions and ERP solutions are very reliable and robust. We Have used their services in e-Commerce arena. whenever we have any issues, they do not hesitate to help us. Their e-commerce solution has helped us manage performance shoes, fashions and accessories near Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Roger Chan - Sales Director of Sunco Systems Pte Ltd

SGEEDE are very open to hearing suggestions from their clients, they are quick, responsive and works hard to understand your needs.

Jeff - Megamall BC

I have been looking for a reliable partner to work with for several months. Overprices and delay were always on my way. But with SGEEDE, I found someone to relay on, I can count that they will do the job.


The different between SGEEDE with other vendor is, they can create and modification system suitable to our needs. And i find no one can do the same. Thanks for the Customize system!

Opera Sabun

SGEEDE ERP plays a very important role in my company. Without SGEEDE, Aloy will not grow so fast in this past few years. Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting, Modification and many more modules are helping a lot for our business. Good luck SGEEDE!

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